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Staci Grant has been serving as a mediator for the last 12 years within the Local government and Federal Agency platform all over the United States.
I thought I had seen it all until I witnessed firsthand how couples struggle through a typical divorce with child custody issues in Canyon and Ada County.  An emotional roller-coaster process taking 6-8 months and costing the couple nearly $25,000.  Sadly, in the end, neither party was completely happy with the results, their bank accounts drained and now their relationship was worse then before they started the process.
Who's to blame? The Judge? The Lawyers? The Parties?  All three! When placing your grievance in front of a judge you are asking them to make a life changing decision based on you and your spouse even though they may not have the slightest clue about who you are or the needs of your children. I am not surprised by their orders for parent evaluations, home studies and other costly evaluations.  You hired your attorney to represent you and your goals.  That means totally focusing on your desires and each time you call with a question about your case, you can expect to be billed for it. Regardless if your question took 3 minutes or 13 you can count on being billed for a 30 minute call. All of the evaluations will become costly as your attorney makes your arrangements but remember they are focused on you! Just don't forget to bring an extra check to each evaluation or study because they may be ordered but they are not free!  Lastly, the Parties. I watched grown couples pushed to their limits, exhausted by the process and become tantrum 3 yr olds because they wanted to win and the Judge to tell them they were right. Spite is a very powerful tool but used incorrectly, it can become very costly in litigation matters.
Although my experience was mediating with Federal Agencies, which honestly compares to working with the mafia at times, I knew there had to be another way for people to resolve their grievances.  Most judges order parties to go to mediation,  breakdown their issues and come back with practical resolutions agreeable to both parties, so why not start parties there instead of wasting valuable time and money? From the time a couple hires separate attorneys, files for divorce, work through a mound of paperwork then sees a judge who orders the couple to mediation, they could have already spent $7,000 to $10,000!
My mediation methods are focused to give couples the avenue to create workable solutions for both parties.  After agreements are achieved, I record the solutions so they are durable and enforceable.  My knowledge, expertise and personal experiences guide my clients through the legal, financial and emotional aspects of what can be a painful and stressful process. 
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Family and divorce mediation can be achieved without attorneys. In mediation, it is the couple who decides on the details of your divorce, rather than leaving it to the judge, who may pass decisions which would be unfavorable to both parties. By choosing mediation over litigation, you are in control of your arrangement and future, you save costs and protect your children, assets, and oftentimes job and career. Mediation is very affordable and usually should not last longer than 2-5 meetings (6-10 hours).





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