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Very often families find themselves in conflict over differences, misunderstandings or confused perceptions. Family members become hurt, frustrated and angry and are unable to express their thoughts and feelings or are unable to listen effectively to other family members. With the help of a trained mediator, all family members can resolve their differences cooperatively.


Family Mediation offers a variety of solutions to often highly emotionally
charged family issues.


  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Parenting Plans
  • Guardianship
  • Paternity
  • Modifications    
  • Family Group Decision Making      



Workplace mediation creates a win-win solution that resolves the issue and transforms the continued working relationship from troubled and disruptive to successful and productive.



The foreclosure crisis has devastated homes all across America. Families out on the street without many choices but to shack up with other family members, their vehicles or shelters. Sadly many foreclosures could have been prevented through mediation.  Our professionals have many success under their hat negotiating with financial institutions to find solutions that are workable for the homeowner and the bank.  In many states mediation is required prior to a foreclosure sale to negotiate delinquent payments, loan modifications, current owners to remain in the home after the sale and other alternatives to foreclosure.  In Vermont, the number of foreclosures declined due to mediation allowing homeowners an alternative to loss of their residence and as a result the entire housing market has become stable which has benefited all homeowners.



For many landlord problems, you’re almost always better off first trying to resolve disputes directly with your landlord, rather than go marching off to a lawyer’s office or small claims court. But if relations are so strained that no meeting seems possible, or you're unsuccessful negotiating a settlement with your landlord, consider mediation by a neutral, third-party mediator. Both negotiation and mediation will be cheaper than a lawsuit, usually less stressful, and often result in solutions that last. 



A Power of Attorney is a document under which you as the "Principal," give legal permission to another person or entity (an "Attorney-in-Fact" or "Agent") to act on your behalf. You sign a Power of Attorney document so that your Agent will be able to handle your affairs during a period of time when you are unavailable or unable to do so.  An Agent is not required to be a lawyer. 



Mediation is often called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) both have the same meaning when parties are seeking to resolve issues. The Alternative says it all, seek another avenue besides having a judge declare a winner and a loser, search for another way both parties have a way to walk out of the court room in a balanced manner. So often, that manner is exactly why judges are seeking a mediated aspect to resolve differences.



Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that has proven very effective in helping Small Claims litigants to resolve their cases. During a mediation session, a mediator meets with both parties of a Small Claims action and helps them gain a deeper understanding of their conflict so they can create their own solutions to the dispute.



The mediation process is successful because both parties commit to work towards resolving their issue. The only time where the mediation process does not work is when one or both parties refuse to participate. When that happens they are setting themselves up for an uncontrolled costly process. Mediation usually has an 83% success rate and the professionals at Clear Choice Mediation and Legal Document Services recognize that not all issues can be resolved.  A good or bad attorney can control your experience and sometimes determine your fate by their competency.

We are not attorneys nor can we provide legal advice so it is critical at A Clear Choice Mediation and Legal Document Services our professionals strive to have excellent working relationships with local, valued attorneys. We take pride in our referrals because we are truly committed to helping you resolve your issues. 

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