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Our experience has been that family members want to maintain their relationships
with one another, although very often life experiences, outside influences or internal conflicts create difficulties or escalate anger. Perceptions, misunderstandings and miscommunication, and often pride prevent individuals from resolving their conflicts. Mediation is the process that re-connects families.


In a quiet, relaxed and calm environment, the mediator(s) will guide you through the process, identifying the issues and individual needs of each family member, and will look at alternative options in order to develop solutions to meet everyone’s goals.



Making a decision to divorce is difficult and emotionally charged. Once the decision is made, the task of taking the next step, and actually making the divorce a reality, is challenging. Many people do not know how the process works, or have misinformation about how the process works from stories told by a friend of a friend of a friend. Mediation can help smooth the process and early mediation can be key to saving money, time, and stress and to allowing the process to proceed with dignity and understanding.


Divorce Aspects & Pricing


8 Myths About Divorce Mediation



Calculating, agreeing upon, paying and collecting child support can be distressing.

Clear Choice Mediation helps you apply and use state Uniform Child Support Guidelines and financially justified deviations from it to protect you and your children’s financial resources. We help you recognize all the income, circumstances and direct expenses essential to calculating fair child support. We help account for income that varies  between jobs, part time, over time and bonus work. We also consider situations when school, illness and disability limit income. By helping all parties work together, we help you plan together for what support should be paid.


Child Support Pricing



In mediation you can talk about the financial support and other arrangements – schooling, music lessons, sport, transport, changeovers, family activities and access to grandparents etc. Probably the biggest question however is who do the kids stay with and when? A parenting plan is unique and is designed for you and your children and for your particular needs.


Mediators take the pain out of communicating with your ex-partner because they help people focus on outcomes not on the past conflict issues. Having a time set aside and completing decisions in a mediation session, can mean that both parties can get on with the business of their individual lives faster.


Parenting Plans Pricing



Guardianship is a legal arrangement where a person or institution is appointed as a guardian to make decisions for an incapacitated person, and/or a child -- decisions about housing, medical care, legal issues, and services.


Conservatorship is a legal arrangement where a person or institution is appointed to handle the financial affairs for another person. The conservator collects and deposits all income, pays all debts and bills, secures all assets, and handles taxes and insurance.


Guardianship & Conservatorship Pricing



Entering into mediation to calmly discuss and make every reasonable attempt to resolve all paternity and child issues can be extremely helpful. It can also make this
unsettling experience easier on the emotions and easier for the children. It can also be cheaper, as apposed to lengthy and expensive litigation.


Paternity Pricing



A modification is a change to an existing judgment, either the original divorce judgment of the parties, a previous modification judgment, or both. There may be one issue at hand, such as custody of the children; or several matters to modify, such as custody, visitation, and child support.


In modification mediation, parties retain control over their own lives and actively participate in creating an agreement that is specific to only them, versus relinquishing control to a stranger and allowing a Judge to make the most personal decisions on their behalf. In mediation, unlike in court, there are no surprises.


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Family Group Decision Making helps families make hard difficult decisions together and can be used to discuss Aging Parents, Elderly Issues, End Of Life Issues and any other issue in which families need to make informed decisions together.


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