Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney may be either general or specific.  A General Power of Attorney gives the Agent broad authority to act for you. A Special Power of Attorney grants the Agent limited authority to act only in specified situations. In addition, you may create a "Durable" Power of Attorney, which means it will remain in effect even if you become incompetent or incapable of handling your affairs.  If you do not want the Power of Attorney to remain in effect during these times, then the document can be made "non-durable."

Mediation can help families set the protocol of the document where multiple interests are vested.  We have forms in our office for your conveinance, we also recongize that some Power of Attorney agreements can be detailed to specifications and our professional are experienced to help you draft the document in a way you want to be used.

*** For a minimal fee, notary service is available to complete your documents.

Power of Attorney is based on our hourly rate      $200/ hour

**All fees are payable at the time of mediation unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

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