Workplace Mediation

Unsettled issues in the workplace is the leading cause of lost revenue.  It is estimated to cost employers like you to lose thousands each year due to indifferent employees.  It's also the most preventable cause that is sometimes overlooked by employers as just an inevitable cost of doing business.  Regardless of the cause, unresolved conflicts bleed into the workplace causing significant negative impact on general productivity and employee engagement.


Our professional team is ready to address any type of inter-business disputes your organization may be experiencing by providing a unique opportunity for people to work together to build or rebuild trust and healthy working relationships.  Consider a Workplace Conflict Evaluation to gain a better understanding of the issues that may be causing the loss of productivity or a Team Building Workshop to improve relationships. Whatever stage your business is in, we can help strengthen your organization to improve your bottom line.
Workplace Conflicts that can be addressed with Mediation include:
  • Workplace Assessments
  • Team Conflict Facilitation
  • Team Building Conference
  • Conflicts between Employees
  • Disputes with Supervisors/Management
  • ADA Compliance Issues
  • Employee Grievances
  • Termination
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment Complaints
  • Hostile Workplace Environment
  • Discrimination Complaints


We also offer Team Building conferences. Contact us to learn more.


Workplace Mediation is based on our hourly rate       $200/ hour

* Workplace Mediation in some circumstances will involve more than 2 parties, which will increase the hourly rate. We can determine this at your first appointment.
** All fees are payable at the time of mediation unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

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